Shrink Your Stomach: fact or myth?

ID-10032517Have you ever wondered why some people seem to eat all the time and never gain weight? Here’s one possible explanation. According to a study (*) that examined the stomach capacity of people on a very low-calorie diet for 4 weeks, stomach size was reduced by 27 to 36% compared to control subjects who maintained their usual eating habits. This study suggests that eating smaller, more frequent meals does appear to shrink the size of the stomach. This can lead to feeling more satisfied with less food over time.

Powerful Weight Loss Tip: eat frequent and eat small 

This study offers one possible explanation of why some people seem to be able to eat all day long and not gain weight. And yet, this does not imply that calories don’t count. Any advantage from eating more frequent meals and snacks will disappear if you exceed your overall calorie needs.  It’s important to be conscious of portions sizes and calories. And of course, strive to make nutritious food choices most of the time.

*Geliebter A, Schachter S, Lohmann-Walter C, Feldman H, Hashim SA. Reduced stomach capacity in obese subjects after dieting. Am J Clin Nutr. 1996;63:170–3.

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