Success Stories


What my satisfied clients are saying…

“Today I had my first reading below 100 in a very long time.”

I contacted Lorraine to help me control my type 2 diabetes. My doctor recommended I lower my A1c. My readings were getting close to 200 and were very erratic. Following her nutritional guidance regarding food choices and eating habits, I have improved my daily blood glucose readings. They are now much more consistent and usually lower than 130. In fact, today I had my first reading below 100 in a very long time. In addition, I lost about 7 lb. I am very happy with my progress. Lorraine has had a very positive impact on my health, and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their nutrition.

Richard P. Lorentzen

Iselin, NJ

“Wow is an understatement. Lorraine has helped immensely.”

I would love to express my eternal gratitude for Lorraine. Wow is an understatement.
She has helped immensely. Because of her great insight, I did much better on blood tests, lowered my blood pressure, and my overall health and mood improved because of Lorraine. She gives practical advice and is excellent at explaining complicated concepts in layman’s terms. Her suggestions are always reasonable and doable and yield great results. She has so much knowledge and does such a great job communicating it. Trust me! There is no one better than Lorraine.

Michael Jannicelli

Nutley, NJ

“I see the results in my thinking.”

I’ve been struggling with weight loss for decades. I decided to seek help from a dietitian instead of WW, Noom, etc. I was expecting to work with someone to track my weight and food intake. I also thought I would get some sort of meal plan to follow! Lorraine did none of the above. I was a little surprised at her approach, at first. But after several meetings with her, I see that her approach is MUCH better. Instead of giving me a script to follow (a food plan) and doing weight checks, we have meaningful conversations. She asks me what I’ve been eating, drinking, doing, and what my challenges are, and then counsels me on what I can do to improve. Some ideas she gave me include: (1) before having your morning coffee, drink as much water as you will drink coffee, (2) take time to sit and eat a meal mindfully (without working or browsing the phone), and (3) eat a lot of vegetables and protein, vegetables even for breakfast. These discussions that we have are leading to behavior change on my part in very subtle ways. I still eat out, and I still indulge at times, but it’s all about balance. I am still having some setbacks here and there as I’m trying to change my lifelong habits and patterns, but I see the results in my thinking. I believe this is the only way to create lifelong changes in habits. I’ve done everything else before — even lost 43 pounds on WW! I gained it back, and now I’m on another journey. She is also very compassionate, understanding, and promotes self-care. So thankful for Lorraine!

Jodi Marshall

Metuchen, NJ

“I have noticed significant results.”

After contemplating working with nutritionist for some time, I did some research and found Lorraine. We met every few weeks for several months. She was very accommodating about scheduling sessions.

Lorraine helped me put together a healthy eating plan and gave me guidance and tools to help me stick with it. She gave me suggestions of some healthier options and helped me convert some bad habits into healthier ones. I have noticed significant results.

I am very pleased and definitely be recommending Lorraine to friends and family.

Michael Salzano

Metuchen, NJ

“I was able to come off the diabetes pills and will not be needing insulin.”

My journey to lose weight and get healthier started in 2020 when I was 213 lbs. I had high blood pressure and my diabetes was getting worse. My doctor put me on diabetes pills and told me that if my numbers didn’t improve, I would need to start insulin injections. So, I decided to try a strict weight loss program with the assistance of my doctor and nutritionist, Lorraine. I did not want to take insulin, so I stayed very consistent and did not deviate from the program for many months. I have been able to get my weight down to 173 lb. Thankfully, I was able to come off the diabetes pills and will not be needing insulin, and my blood pressure is well controlled. Although my weight has fluctuated, I remain committed to my health. Throughout this whole process, I have been working with Lorraine and will continue to do so to maintain my weight loss and stay on top of my health challenges.

Thomasina Savage

Maplewood, NJ

“The slight changes in my diet and eating patterns made a huge difference.”

I contacted Lorraine because I had not been feeling my best. I am in my early 50’s and my energy levels, sleep patterns, muscle loss and weight gain were starting to catch up with me. I knew that my age, diet, and lifestyle were playing a big part. I could not control my aging, but I could control how I approach it. Although I do try to eat healthy, I did not think I had a healthy relationship with food, and I knew that I needed to improve my diet.

Lorraine gave me a few tips that made a huge difference. I was overeating because I was eating the wrong foods. The slight changes in my diet and eating patterns made a huge difference. After just a few weeks, I noticed that my body was beginning to crave healthier foods and sticking to more scheduled mealtime routine was helpful and so simple. Just this morning, I was running late and forgot to eat. This used to be my normal routine; breakfast was always an afterthought and grabbing something on the run was the norm. But today was different. I was so bummed that I was not getting to eat and enjoy my staple meal. But I still got breakfast from the office café so that I didn’t skip my meal, and I made a healthy choice!

Also, my healthier eating habits are being noticed by my family. My 17-year-old son is now making himself smoothie bowls for dessert instead of having ice cream and is requesting healthier items when I go food shopping. It is so rewarding to see my entire family getting healthier. What a bonus!

Lorraine helped me make this new way of eating part of my everyday lifestyle, NOT a diet. Most importantly, she helped me change the way I think about food.

Thank you Lorraine for your knowledge, support, and guidance. I now eat to feel well!

Adrienne Brattole

Edison, NJ

“Realistic advice regarding my lifestyle and schedule.”

Lorraine truly helped me have a healthy relationship with food. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to become a healthier version of themselves when it comes to food and eating. The advice she provided was realistic regarding my lifestyle and schedule. Can’t thank her enough for my progress that I have made thus far!

Victoria Monte

Parlin, NJ

“Recommendations and advice are practical, doable, and sustainable!”

I’m beyond happy with my consultations with Lorraine. She is very knowledgeable and understanding about the everyday challenges of working from home as it pertains to health and nutrition. Her recommendations and advice are practical, doable, and sustainable!

If you are looking to change your lifestyle and nutrition habits without following any fad diet or trends, she is the one! Lorraine will help you navigate your journey by providing professional supervision in a caring environment.

Griselda Fernandez

Metuchen, NJ

“The ten pounds I lost before the holidays are still gone! I feel GOOD.”

I was referred to Lorraine by my primary care physician as I have had issues with keeping a healthy weight for most of my life. I am considered obese (according to BMI charts), and it has limited me in some of the things I’ve wanted to do just to feel free and healthy.

It was a rough start – but one thing that Lorraine said to me that has stayed with me during our months together is to eat only enough to feel satisfied – not full. If I feel full, I’ve eaten too much. I was raised in an environment where you had to finish your plate – so I obliged. Even when I was no longer a child, I still felt that level of obligation to eat everything set before me, even after feeling satisfied.

Now I listen to my body. Do I feel satisfied? If I do, I get up from the table, or I wrap up what I was eating to continue eating it later. That simple gesture has helped me tremendously. I no longer struggle with that sick, uncomfortable feeling of being over-full. Even during the holidays, I ate one plate – no seconds. If I felt hungry later, that was when I had my seconds. I limited my intake on sweets, cookies, cakes and so on. I still had them, but not the amounts I used to eat.

As a result, the ten pounds I lost before the holidays are still gone! I feel GOOD. If I ever feel uncomfortable, it’s just that I ate something that produces gas (like beans, or broccoli) and I need to take a gas reducer. It’s NEVER due to over-eating. I NEVER want to feel that way again.

My hope is to continue incorporating healthy foods, moving my body more and eating only enough to be satisfied – not full. My goal is to lose at least ten more pounds so I can be within a healthy weight range.

Thank you, Lorraine, for your patience and your encouragement over the past few months!

I feel amazing!

Michelle G Cameron

Plainfield, NJ

“I needed someone who could help me to have a better understanding and healthier relationship with food.”

I have started a new chapter in my life; one that is focused on self-investment. In this process, I recognized that I needed someone who could help me to have a better understanding and healthier relationship with food, with enjoyment!

I did my research and was most pleased to find Lorraine via her website. With her guidance, things like food selection, preparing the foods, and cooking them now became simpler. I am even trying new things and I love them!

Lorraine works with you and she is there to help you. I’m so grateful to have Lorraine along with me on my new life journey. Thank you, Lorraine.

Sameena Joseph

New Jersey

“Developed a strategy that worked for me based on her advice.”

Not having a clear understanding of balance was the main reason for not reaching my health and fitness goals sooner. This is where Lorraine came into play. She helped me to plan out and corroborate an informative approach to nourishing myself the proper way and helped me adopt a mindful way of eating. Her perspective on life along with her knowledge made it very comfortable for me to open-up to her and establish a learning environment that gave me results.

I was able to succeed with my wellness and weight loss journey because I took the time to listen to my body, developed a strategy that worked for me based on her advice, and refused to follow fad diets.

If you struggle with your weight and need guidance in your personal journey to better health, then look no further. I highly recommend nutritionist, Lorraine Matthews- Antosiewicz. She will be with you every step of the way and will use every resource at her disposal to make sure you are comfortable in your skin. Like me, you will appreciate her time and diligence in helping you achieve your personal weight and health goals. Working with Lorraine will be the best decision you will ever make.

Rob LaMond, 49 years old

Edison, New Jersey

“Lorraine is supportive and non-judgmental, compassionate, and patient.”

Lorraine is an amazing nutritionist! I came to her after having so many transitions in my life. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, mostly because I didn’t have the necessary tools, knowledge, or habits to support my goals. What I love about working with her is that she is supportive and non-judgmental, compassionate, and patient. She has given me the tools to establish positive eating habits that will support my goals and nutrition. Every time I meet with her, I learn something new: a fact, a strategy, a way of making my everyday eating easier, etc. She holds me accountable and encourages me to continue doing well and do better. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, realistic, who will keep you grounded, motivated, and accountable, she’s the one!

Omaris Zamora

Highland Park, New Jersey

“I have now lost a total of 73 pounds, I went from 258lbs to 185 lbs!”

I was recently diagnosed with severe bone on bone hip arthritis.  The orthopedic surgeon told me there was nothing he could do due to my weight.  It was requested I lose 30 to 40 pounds.  I was tired of being in pain with every step.  I reached out to Lorraine to help me with this requirement.  In the past, I tried all the fad diets out there but always hit a wall after about 10 pounds; I’d get frustrated and gave up.  This time I was determined to do it right.

After less than three months of working with Lorraine, I am thrilled to say I have currently lost 38 pounds; and I’m in the process of scheduling my hip replacement.  I am still short of my long-term goal, but I know in working with Lorraine that goal is not far off.

Lorraine discussed with me on the proper way to eat, no fad diets, and no counting calories or points.  After sticking with her suggestions and eating the way we discussed I currently have more energy, I sleep better, and overall, I feel great. (Except for my hip).  With her help and advice on how to eat, I do not have the hunger or cravings that always doomed my diets.

She pointed me to great resources for recipes, provided me a with helpful hand-out for snacks, and offered really useful suggestions on how to eat.  Lorraine is caring, understanding and very supportive. I enjoy discussing my progress and listening to her suggestions.  I am grateful for her help and support in my quest to improve my life.

I highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who needs to lose weight or improve their eating habits.  Thank you, Lorraine. I am very appreciative for your help.

Update: I just want to give you my progress and thank you again for your assistance. I have now lost a total of 73 pounds, I went from 258lbs in mid-July to 185 lbs. today. My hip surgery went great and it feel great. I was able to get clearance to join a gym and started cardio exercises. I’m still shooting for 10 pounds more and then stay at that weight. My only regret is I didn’t do this SO many years ago. Thank you again. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Update: I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I finally hit my target weight of 175 pounds, That’s a total of 83 pounds lost. With your help the journey was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Your methods and suggestions made this possible in 8 months. My doctor was thrilled, I am now off the blood pressure medications and my blood work came back excellent. I owe this success to you and I wanted to say THANK YOU. I know with what you taught me that maintaining this weight will not be too difficult. I really appreciate all the help you provided. You are the best, keep up the great work.

Daniel Ortense

Hopelawn, NJ

“I needed to get in shape to pass my CDL License Test and with Lorraine’s help, that’s exactly what I did!”

I cannot thank Lorraine enough for all the help and support she has given me over the past few months. When I first reached out to her, I really didn’t have much hope of success, but after our first session, I knew I could achieve my goals. I needed to get in shape to pass my CDL License Test and with Lorraine’s help, that’s exactly what I did! It wasn’t always easy, and I had a few slip ups along the way but overall, I did well. Having her there for support and accountability made it a lot easier to make the healthy choices. She helped me set reasonable achievable goals, put me on the right path, and has kept me there. I can’t wait to reach my next goal and continue to make healthy and smart choices. Thank you, Lorraine, for everything!!!!!

Connie Neroda

New Jersey

“Lorraine makes it easier to develop healthy lifestyle habits.”

Lorraine is a caring and informed health professional. I have relearned some valuable nutrition skills during my sessions with her such as monitoring the ingredients in any prepared foods, food preparation, eating more fresh foods and appropriate portion sizes. She’s also taught me the differences between foods that we think are traditionally healthy and their truly healthy counterparts such as oatmeal with hidden sodium and sodium free oats. What I like best about Lorraine is that she provides dietary guidelines instead of a “diet.” I think this makes it easier to develop healthy lifestyle habits. I’ve lost 20 pounds so far with eating greener and cleaner, and incorporating regular moderate exercise. I’m still losing and most importantly, I’m not starving:) Good nutrition, more water, and exercise make it work. Thanks Lorraine! 

Maisha Mitchell

New Jersey

“I appreciate you for helping me kick off the journey that actually led to a 50 lb weight loss.”

As a 36 year old woman, I have struggled with body image and weight my entire life. Although I’ve always been a gym rat, I wasn’t prepared to endure the stress I felt during my college years. Fortunately, I discovered running at that time and was able to maintain a healthy weight. But after graduation, the reality of “adulting” smacked me in the face, and that’s when the actual “battle” with my scale began.

At my heaviest, I was 180 lb – disgusted, horrified, and in total despair about my health. Lucky for me, I found Lorraine around that time. I worked hard for 2 years to get myself back down to a healthy weight. In my opinion, it is 10000000000% what you eat and 950000% physical activity along with other healthy coping strategies you engage in every day; there is no “secret recipe”.

Lorraine, I want to officially thank you for the role you played in my journey to a achieve a healthy weight. I appreciate you for helping me kick off the journey that actually led to a 50 lb weight loss. You are the bomb! I’m also extremely grateful for the continued support I received from my friends and loved ones. Now I’m just working on maintaining this healthy lifestyle.

If you are reading this, please do not pass go and collect 200 dollars. This absolutely is a sign you are headed in the right direction. Will you invest in your personal health? Now would be a good time to do it.

Harnel Paraison Richmond

Woodbridge, New Jersey

“Everyone has to eat”

THANKS for helping me find this wonderful path that has allowed me to take back my health, my energy, my life! I’m grateful for you because you make such a positive difference in the lives of all who know you. You are doing a great job on educating people on how to cook and eat.

I appreciate all the nutrition knowledge and ideas you have shared with me. Such an eye-opener! Everyone has to eat, and the sooner people realize that choosing nourishing foods and exercising is the best way to a healthy life, the happier we’ll all be.

Your kindness and sharing of your nutritional knowledge are such an inspiration. I am always showing people your site to encourage them to use your information. Thank you very much.

Can’t wait to try the bread you recommend!

Margarita Mercado

Woodbridge, New Jersey

“I not only have more energy, but my clothes fit nicer, my skin is clearer, and I just overall feel better.”

I may only be 15 years old, but my nutritionist, Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, has helped me change the way I live my life. Before I met with her, I would eat horrible and feel horrible. I would have constant stomach aches and just never felt right. I would eat the occasional fruit and veggies, but like most teenagers, my diet consisted of whatever junk food was in sight. I realized that I had to change something about what I was doing. I was tired of having no energy and feeling gross for most of the day.

I went to go see Lorraine in the beginning of the summer, not knowing what to expect. She gave me some tips and tricks about what I needed help with. I saw and felt the results within the first week of working with her. I felt more alive and had more energy to do what I love. I started biking to work daily, and I even started going on runs, which is something I never used to do, unless it was a requirement.

I have found that because of my new way of eating, I not only have more energy, but my clothes fit nicer, my skin is clearer, and I just overall feel better. It feels good to feel good. I also have discovered that since starting this, my appetite has changed immensely. I used to always want to eat as much greasy junk food I could find, but now I don’t want it anymore because I know that it will just bring me back to not feeling good again. There are some days, I have to admit, that I have a little bit of treats here and there and sometimes I forget to just stop when I’m not hungry, but I ultimately always go back to what I have learned these past few months.

Going to see Lorraine has helped me so much. I feel better, which is ultimately the best thing I could ask for. I honestly think everyone should go to see her. I wish that everyone can feel the way I do – energetic, happy, and healthy.

Samantha Bialecki, 15 years old

Edison, New Jersey

“I dropped 3 pant sizes and lost 15 lb in the last 2 months.”

I’m a 59 year old male who neglected his health and body for a very long time. For many years, I had poor eating habits with no regard to the types of food I ate; and I regularly consumed excessive amounts. Since visiting with Lorraine and learning some simple healthy eating strategies, my diet and lifestyle habits have dramatically improved. I now hold myself accountable for my food choices and I am exercising on a regular basis. Not only do I feel so much better and have more energy, I dropped 3 pant sizes and lost 15 lb in the last 2 months. My digestion is greatly improved and my acid reflux in gone. I am so happy with my accomplishments.

If you want to get on track to a better and healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend that you visit Lorraine. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and how the human body works in conjunction with food, diet, physical activity, and metabolism.

Lorraine has made a huge difference in my life and she’s inspired and motivated my wife as well.

Edwin Perez

Sayreville, New Jersey

“My clothes fit better and I’m down 12 lb.”

I’m feeling so much better since my first meeting with Lorraine. I realize now that eating healthy and being healthy is much more about my attitude than food. I made the decision that I want to eat better to improve my health and that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve omitted the word “diet” from my vocabulary and instead I’m focusing on nutrition and eating foods that make me feel well. No more deprivation. I have a much better understanding of what my body needs to be well nourished – how much to eat and when.

I have more energy. My knees don’t hurt anymore and my ankles and calves are much less swollen. My clothes fit better and I’m down 12 lb. All of this happened because I decided to take care of myself and stop the dieting –deprivation cycle. I’m very happy and plan to continue living this way.

Donna Best

Edison, New Jersey

“I’m motivated to live as long and healthy as I can…”

I’m 94 years old and still feel it’s very important to take good care of myself. My husband died 27 years ago and at the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to make it without him. He was a very positive person and I enjoyed being with him, but I’m strong and positive too. I just got back into the usual everyday things. I sometimes get annoyed with people who are negative all the time. I try to see the good side of everything and view the glass half full.

Eating healthy food is a big part of self-care for me. I look forward to every meal. I go food shopping regularly and plan out what I’m going to eat every day. Lorraine has introduced me to some new foods like kefir. I make smoothies for myself with kefir and I add some berries, vegetables, ginger, and chia seeds. It’s delicious! It’s important not to have the same old foods all the time so eating doesn’t get boring.

I have diabetes and high blood pressure so eating right is very important for my health. Lorraine has helped me set up meal plans so I get good nutrition. Also I keep active and visit my doctor regularly.

I’m motivated to live as long and healthy as I can so I can keep seeing and enjoying my family – especially my 11 year old great grandson. He makes me laugh. I get a big charge out of watching him grow. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with my own kids because I worked so being able to be part of all the kids’ lives now is very important to me.

I’m happy and content. Life is good.

Mary Verdi

Edison, NJ

“It’s been 3 months now and my old clothes are fitting nicely again.”

I decided to call Lorraine because I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me I should lose 20 pounds. Also, I wanted fit comfortably in all of my old clothes again and feel better about the way I look. And I just wanted to learn how to eat properly.

I was looking for a lifestyle change and NOT a diet! I’ve tried dieting many times before and it never worked for very long. I would lose the weight but then it would come right back.

Lorraine is teaching me how to eat better and (without dieting) my weight has dropped 25 lb. It’s been 3 months now and my old clothes are fitting nicely again. My blood pressure has dropped to the point where my cardiologist has cut my medication dose in half and plans to slowly wean me off it all together.

This way of eating that I’m learning about is like nothing I’ve ever done before. I’m not struggling, starving, or feeling deprived. I’m eating mindfully and it’s so much better than dieting. I’m completely satisfied and I don’t miss my old way of eating at all!

Jim, 57 years-old

Woodbridge, NJ

“I wake up rested, jump right out of bed.”

Thank you for teaching me that healthy eating is fun and easy – not complicated or bland. I used to think it would be just eating foods like lettuce and tomatoes, but there are so many delicious options. The other day I made a Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet. It was amazing and even my fiancé liked it.

I grew up in the Dominican eating rice, beans, and meat all the time – that’s it. I didn’t know how to cook anything and I hardly ever ate vegetables. When I came to the US, I basically lived on fast food all the time. The food I ate consisted of starch, sugar, and fat. I started to get worried because I have diabetes on both sides of my family and I don’t want to take medications.

Now I’m learning to plan my meals, grocery shop, and cook. I’m eating and feeling so much better. I wake up rested, jump right out of bed, and look forward to my oatmeal. People are commenting that I look like I’m losing weight and asking if I’m on a diet. I’m NOT on a diet at all. I’m just eating delicious foods. I never realized how much I love zucchini!

You opened me up to a whole new world. Thank you so much, Lorraine. I can’t wait to cook a big dinner for my family. They will all be so surprised – especially my mom.

David Pimentel, 26 years-old

Carteret, New Jersey

“I didn’t realize my approach to weight loss was actually causing me to gain weight.”

It’s been about 3 months since my first appointment with Lorraine. I look better, feel really good, and I’ve got a boost of confidence that I didn’t have before. I didn’t know quite what to expect when we first met. I thought she was going to suggest I cut out this food or that, but it was very different. We talked more about how to pay attention when I eat, and at some point along the way it just clicked in my brain that food is not “bad”. What an amazing realization! It hadn’t occurred to me before that what I was doing to myself was dieting – and it wasn’t working. But this new approach is working. People are commenting that I look different.

I had been trying to lose weight all my life. What I didn’t realize was that my approach was actually causing me to gain weight. Lorraine taught me how to eat mindfully and focus on my health. Now I know that it’s okay to eat pizza and cake if I want it, but I’ve learned how to listen to my body and eat just the right amount. I’m in such a better place and now I can be a good role model for my young son so he grows up to be a healthy eater.

Thank you Lorraine! You’ve been a tremendous help. I recommend you to all my friends.

Elsa Cascais

Colonia, New Jersey

“I’ve made some permanent healthy changes in my eating habits because of you!!”

I have to thank you so much for educating me to eat better. I’ve made some permanent healthy changes in my eating habits because of you!! My kids are benefiting from it too! We appreciated the personalized attention you gave us when you came to our home and did a pantry and fridge makeover. We are eating more healthy snacks like nuts and less of the sugary junk. We have replaced regular white pasta with whole wheat pasta and white rice with brown rice. It took a while to make the switch but the kids are now eating whole grain sprouted bread and they really like it. Our family has made great progress and we’re all healthier.

Lulu McCartin

Old Bridge, NJ

“I lost 38 lbs in about 10 months and I feel great.”

With Lorraine’s guidance and her Healthy Eating Challenge, I’m happy to say that I lost 38 lbs in about 10 months and I feel great. My nutritional habits are now healthy. I do treat myself every once in awhile, and then get right back to my routine. I also work out four times a week (weight training, biking, swimming, walking) but it’s not excessive. I just do what I like. Thank you so much Lorraine, for making me aware that SUGAR is everywhere.

I will be heading off for a well check soon and I’m anxious to see my cholesterol levels. I encourage everyone to keep eating good food, keep moving, and stay healthy.

Regina Horn Mctighe

Woodbridge, NJ

“Opened my eyes to a more satisfying, nourishing, and healthy way of life.”

Your healthy eating program opened my eyes to a more satisfying, nourishing, and healthy way of life. With the exception of 6 small chocolate covered strawberries and a little ice cream, I stuck with the program. I found the ice cream to taste so sweet that it was like eating a tablespoon of sugar; not as satisfying as I thought it would be! All in all this was a great program and I loved the inspiration you provided us with every day. I will continue on my new healthy eating journey as I go forward in life. Thank you again and again.more for me than you will ever know. The sense of accomplishment at this time in my life is invaluable. Thanks Lorraine!

Susan Ziegler Ryan

South Amboy, NJ

“I joined and something just clicked!”

Two years ago I lost 28 lbs on a shake program. For most, this would be a positive experience, for me, quite the opposite. I had more negative comments thrown out at me than I could handle so I began to eat just to put on a few pounds to shut everyone up. Soon after that I had foot surgery and put back on most of the weight I had lost. On top of that I was dealing with the aftermath of divorce, a miserable job, and every ache and pain you can think of. I went back on the shake program but couldn’t lose. So I made an appointment with a dietitian at a local ShopRite and was thrown an 1800 calorie chart with no meal planning ideas whatsoever. Then I found Lorraine.

If Lorraine only knew the baggage I was walking in with that evening of our first appointment; and I had a lousy attitude! I guess it’s the teacher in me that bring out the “I know it all” attitude at times. I knew what I was doing wrong but let’s see if “this one” is going to tell me something I don’t know. At Lorraine’s suggestion, I started to write down everything (well, almost everything!) that I was eating. It wasn’t until I started doing this for her that something finally sunk in. Who am I kidding? I seriously need to stop fooling myself. This was about the same time that her 4 Week healthy eating program started; I joined and something just clicked!

I put lines on my water bottle to make sure I was drinking enough water, and it worked! I planned out my meals out for the week. I started reading every food label before anything landed in my shopping cart. I finally plugged in that electronic pressure cooker my mom got me for Christmas and use it 2-3 times a week. My pains have lessened, my sugar cravings are gone, and my willpower has soared! I’m slowly losing weight; I can see and feel positive changes every day. So, don’t give up and take it slow. In my eyes, healthy is the new skinny!

Lorraine, thanks for all the support, tissues, and the motivation to help me move forward (I just dropped my school administration degree for one in nutrition!). You truly did help me turn my life around in more ways than you’ll ever know!

Sophia Singura Ricciardelli

Carteret, NJ

“So far I’ve lost 25 lbs. and I am down a clothes size!”

Who says ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Lorraine sure can! I’m kind of an old dog but think really young and probably act it too. Here’s my story.

I come from a family of Italians. Now if that doesn’t tell you something right away, I don’t know what would. I met Lorraine about 4 months ago, and if there was someone sent to me with wings, it had to be her.

For years (and I’m talking years) I have tried every diet possible — Weight Watchers, Atkins, MetreCal, SlimFast, South Beach, and other fads. You name it, I’ve tried it — even the liquid stuff.

Recently my doctor suggested diet pills and I was tempted, but I went down that road when I was 18 years old; they almost killed me. I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Been there done that with Weight Watchers. I couldn’t stand all that rah, rah, rah cheerleading and announcements that “Janie” and “Carol” lost 1/2 pound (exaggerating of course). Nah, that wasn’t for me. I even have family members who have gone for gastric bypasses. They lost weight, but man it is tough not being able to eat certain foods for the rest of your life. Not for me!

So the next day after seeing my doctor, I decided to make an appointment with Lorraine thinking I’ll give it a shot. I AM SO GLAD I DID! So far I’ve lost 25 lbs. and I am down a clothes size! Yep – that’s right. After my first meeting with her I knew I was on the right track.

Believe it or not, I was on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens Baby Magazine when I was 3 years old. That was back when I was my lightest (ha ha). I’m a lot older now, but I act pretty young for my age (okay – I’m 68).

I go to the gym 2 or 3 days a week. I’d like to do more but I’m somewhat limited due to physical issues. I’ve had shoulder repair, a total knee replacement, hand surgery, two wrists done at the same time (that was a trip). Recently I was diagnosed with something called “PMR” which is short for Poly Myalga Rheumatica – very painful. I was finding myself eating to help me get through the pain – yeah right, any excuse. Now mind you I ate “kind of healthy” but in GREAT quantity. I could deposit my paycheck at Shoprite, Wegmans, and plenty of fast food restaurants. Okay – enough of that and on to the good stuff.

What changed for me?????? It was the little portion plate that Lorraine showed me the first day we met. Using that plate, she taught me that veggies should be piled on to half the plate with smaller portions of grain and protein on the other half. YEP – that little plate is embedded in my brain. Funny because I swear that Lorraine hypnotized me (hahaha)! I eat that way all the time now and I’m never hungry. I feel satisfied and full. We’ve talked about portion sizes a lot during our sessions, and so much more.

Anyhow the reason for my writing this today (and believe me I could tell you a lot more and just may, as time goes on) is to encourage anyone out there who wants to lose weight and feel better to stop thinking about it and get going. If I can do it, you can too – so just do it!


Jo-Ann Frontera

Hopelawn, NJ

“I lost 17 lb; only 5 more to go! And I feel so good.”

I’m so proud of myself. I lost 17 lb; only 5 more to go and I’ll be at my goal! And I feel so good. I tried to do it on my own for 2 years but I couldn’t lose any weight. This time, Lorraine got me on the right track and I’ve been very successful. In fact, my husband and 2 sons have embraced this new way of eating too, and we are all getting healthy together. I am 100% satisfied with the services Lorraine provided. I’m glad I found her and will recommend her to my friends.

Dorota Turon

Linden, NJ

“I actually feel rested when I sleep now, I have more energy, and I lost weight!”

I’m off sugar! WoooooHooooo! Who would have thunk it! Wow!! Me off M&M Oreo Cookies (double stuffed), ice cream, and honey buns. Their stock just went down. I actually feel rested when I sleep now, I have more energy, and I lost weight! People are noticing that I’m looking healthier; even my supervisor asked me what I’m doing. If I can do it, it CAN be done. And there’s no reason to go it alone. The wonderful support I receive from Lorraine and the other members in the program helped me get it done. If it was easy to do it alone, we all would have done it already. Together we can get our bodies in order; and it good for the soul when you help or get helped.

Thanks for all your support.

Victor Gardener

Monroe, Louisiana

“My energy level has increased, I’ve lost 50 pounds, I’m feeling more alert and on point, and very self-confident!”

I’ve been working with Lorraine for 1 year. My energy level has increased, I’ve lost 50 pounds, and I’m feeling more alert and on point, and very self-confident! I have diabetes and my blood sugars are greatly improved as a result of changing the way I eat and I plan to continue eating like this forever. Thank you Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz for all of your insight, advice, patience, and recipes. My wife and kids are on board with this new healthier lifestyle, and we are all grateful for all your help.

John Marmolejos

Perth Amboy, NJ

“My itchy ears, sneezing, bloating, achy joints, mental fog, fatigue, and insomnia are all GONE!”

I completed the Healthy Eating Challenge last month and lost 10 pounds…something I have never been able to do. And my itchy ears, sneezing, bloating, achy joints, mental fog, fatigue, and insomnia are all GONE! My clothes fit properly again. Never will I go back to eating all that junk. I have a few small treats here and there, like chocolate covered almonds that I allow myself in limited amounts. I also make “popsicles” from various fruits and almond or coconut milk. A little preparation goes a long way!

Lisa Grindle, Registered Nurse

Newport Beach, California

“Best of all I feel AMAZING!!”

I’m so glad I joined your Healthy Eating Challenge, Lorraine. I really needed it to get myself back in order. It has made me pay close attention to anything that I eat that is processed. My husband and children are now reading labels at the store! The accountability and support is a blessing as well. To be part of a community that has the same goals is great. And best of all I feel AMAZING!! Your healthy eating challenge group is a wonderful place to help change lives!!!!

Keisha Bere-Ruiz

New York

“Helps you set clear cut goals that you can achieve”

Very helpful! Lorraine takes your life schedule and works better choices and new ideas into it! She helps you set clear cut goals that you can achieve. She is very informative and comes up with creative ways to help you. Very happy I found her!

Jennifer Zimmerman

Colonia, New Jersey

“We both are starting to lose weight, have more energy and feeling so much better!”

I just wanted to let you know that both John and I are doing fantastic with eating unprocessed and healthy food! We are both loving this new health style! This is all because of you! You gave us both great advice and suggestions! We both are starting to lose weight, have more energy and feeling so much better! We just want to thank you for everything!!! We joined your Facebook Group and are subscribed to your newsletter.

John and Nancy Wilton

Iselin, New Jersey

“To date, I have successfully maintained my healthy A1C (without medication, from 6.5 to 5.8) and cholesterol levels (from 234 to 145) and I have lost 15 pounds. I attribute my accomplishments to the professional guidance and assistance I received from Lorraine.”

On April 24th of 2018, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and high cholesterol. My doctor recommended that I lose weight to reduce my A1C level and agreed that meeting with a registered dietitian/nutritionist could be helpful. I was told that with a controlled diet I did not need medication for diabetes at that time. Although my A1C was at a controllable number, I was still overwhelmed by the diagnosis.

I did my due diligence and found Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS, RD. At my first appointment with her on May 7th, 2018, she was very interested to hear my story. She was encouraging from the onset and believed that by starting a healthy eating pattern I could successfully lower my A1C and cholesterol levels. With Lorraine’s knowledge, expertise, experience, perception and continued encouragement, I am very happy to say that within three months, “without medication” I was able to successfully bring my A1C level from 6.5 to 5.8. In addition, with a healthy controlled diet (and a “jump start” of meds) my cholesterol went down from 234 to 145.

Lorraine educated me with the “Healthy Eating Plate” concept, which included the balanced amounts of vegetables, whole grains, healthy proteins and fruits to eat in one meal. I learned how to count and balance carbs and sugars; I learned how to read labels to ensure certain products contained whole grains; I learned to understand that my body is healthier digesting foods without chemicals; I learned that egg yolks do not necessarily increase cholesterol. She shared the importance of eating 3 meals every day and to “eat to feel well.” She enlightened me on how to enjoy balanced amounts of certain foods. For example, I love pasta:) and the thought of limiting my usual bowl of pasta to 1 cup was upsetting and almost impossible. To my surprise, after adding more vegetables and either shrimp or chicken to the pasta, I now find that 1 cup of pasta is satisfying. The healthy snack combinations Lorraine suggested help me stay energized in between meals. I now think of how good I will feel after making wise healthy food and beverage choices.

Lorraine recommended and encouraged me to become more active, i.e., I joined a community center where I take long brisk therapeutic walks; and I started weight bearing and aerobic training to increase my bone density and cardiovascular well-being.

To date, after 5 months I have successfully maintained my healthy A1C (from 6.5 to 5.8) and cholesterol levels (from 234 to 145) and I have lost 15 pounds. I attribute my accomplishments to the professional guidance and assistance I received from Lorraine.

Lastly, because of her past and current medical contacts she was able to direct me to medical specialists that have resulted in continued healing and my overall health. Her sincere interest in my well-being will be forever appreciated.

With a Grateful and “Healthy” heart,

Marjorie Pinto

Iselin, New Jersey

“Lorraine has helped me find my motivation as I continue to become a healthier, happier, me.”

As someone who has struggled with my weight since childhood, I have tried a variety of weight loss methods. In 2016, I reached my heaviest weight and new that I needed to make a change. Following the new year, I enrolled in Weight Watchers and within the first 8 months, I lost just over 40 pounds. That’s where my progress ended. I reached a plateau that I couldn’t seem to break through. For anyone who has tried to lose weight, you know how frustrating this can be.

Following some major life transitions, I found myself slowly gaining back the weight I had lost. I also noticed that I started to develop a sense of guilt surrounding food. It didn’t matter whether I was making healthy choice or not-so-great choices; I just couldn’t shake this feeling of guilt. It was at this time I realized that I needed help to continue along the next chapter of my weight-loss journey. That’s when I met Lorraine.

With Lorraine’s help, I am learning how to care for and fuel my body in the proper ways. I have since left Weight Watchers and I am beginning to develop a healthy, guilt-free, relationship with food. I am starting to see forward progress again and I am once again making my way towards my health and fitness goals. Working with Lorraine has not only benefited me, but I’ve also been able to help my family make smarter decisions when it comes to their nutrition. Lorraine has helped me find my motivation as I continue to become a healthier, happier, me.

Amanda Kucsera

Sewaren, New Jersey

“We don’t have cravings anymore for cake, cookies, and ice cream.”

At 72 and 70 years old, we should have been enjoying life but we weren’t. Both of us were feeling tired and sick all the time. We have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol – and we were on so much medication. I (Howard) had several mini-strokes and one big one; and I needed triple bypass surgery several months ago. My (Veronika) blood sugars were always running high and I’m overweight; we’re both overweight.

Since I’ve (Howard) been recovering from that last big stroke and the bypass surgery, I feel like I’ve got a second chance on life and I don’t want to waste it. We’ve both tried to make healthy eating changes in the past without much success. This time it’s different. We have a daughter and 2 grandkids and we want to live long and healthy for them.

Lorraine has helped us come up with a realistic eating plan and we’ve been sticking to it. Surprisingly, we feel satisfied with the food we’re eating and we don’t have cravings anymore for cake, cookies, and ice cream.

We’ve both lost weight too. My (Veronika) daughter has been complementing me on how well I look. Our clothes are fitting better especially my (Howard) pants. My (Howard) doctor had me on 3 blood pressure medications and I’m happy to say that now I am off all of them.

We both have a lot more energy which comes in handy with 2 grandkids. Thank you Lorraine for helping us both feel so much better. We’ve got a lot to live for and want to make the most if it.

Howard and Veronika Jewell

Woodbridge, NJ

“So far I’ve lost 60 pounds and there’s no going back.”

Growing up and becoming a police officer in Hoboken wasn’t easy in a bunch of ways including my health. I’ve been a police officer for 23 years and 16 of those years were spent on midnights. I used to start the night with corn muffins and a light and sweet coffee followed by a bag of chips or diet Coke and a Snickers bar, and then eat dinner at 5 AM which was usually a cheeseburger deluxe or Philly cheese steak. When I got off work, I would sleep for a few hours, wake up starving with no energy, and take my kids to BK or Mickey D’s for a snack and I would have 2 cheeseburgers. On days off, my wife and I would take the kids out for dinner and I ate like crap. This was my life.

I was very overweight at 315 lb and out of shape; and I’m a guy who played every sport in high school, went through 2 police academies, and now I didn’t want to get off the couch. I often felt embarrassed about the way I looked and would do everything possible to avoid taking off my shirt in the summer months. It was hard to find nice clothes that fit comfortably. Shopping was not fun.

Over the years I tried every known diet, every legal pill, and scam. They all worked for a while. I would lose weight and then gain it all back. At some point, I decided to seek out the help of a nutritionist and I found Lorraine. She gave me good ideas but I wasn’t ready to do the necessary work. Eventually I decided to have the gastric sleeve. The operation date was set, but decided at the last minute that I could lose weight and get healthy without the surgery.

I went back to the basics and everything I learned. I got help with meal prep, kept my protein and starch portion sizes reasonable, and ate lots of extra salads and veggies to fill me. When the weight started coming off, I joined a gym and learned how to work out safely. I exercise six days a week now. So far I’ve lost 60 pounds and there’s no going back.

It’s not always easy to keep up with my exercise routine and healthy eating plan, but I am committed to this new lifestyle. I want to be here to watch my kids grow old, put on my suit or uniform without struggling, and do my job without getting hurt. Most of all, I want to take off my shirt and not be embarrassed.

I hope my story helps someone. Believe me – if I can do it you can too.

Mike Miranda

Hoboken, NJ

“I’ve already lost 8 lb and I’m not starving like when I dieted in the past.”

I contacted Lorraine because I wanted to learn how to eat healthy. I have a strong family history of diabetes and the last time I went to the doctor, she told me my blood tests were heading in that direction. I asked Lorraine to help me build a skillset that I could use every day to improve my eating habits without giving up everything I love. Lorraine is a very good listener and she did exactly what I asked. Instead of just telling me what to do, she helped me create a plan that was just right for me. I needed something that provided structure but was not too rigid like the diets I followed in the past.

Lorraine taught me how to find easy healthy recipes, plan out my meals, grocery shop, and read food labels. I discovered that I can cook delicious good quality meals that I love to eat. She showed me an image of a plate with a balance of foods on it; visually seeing that plate just clicked with me. I literally picture it in my mind all the time now even when I am out at a restaurant. It’s been incredibly helpful.

I’ve already lost 8 lb and I’m not starving like when I dieted in the past. My digestive system is working much better and I don’t feel bloated anymore. My body is my most important asset and I learned that taking care of it properly starts with choosing the right foods. I feel completely confident in my ability to make good choices now and that’s exactly what I am going to keep on doing.

Giuliana Quiroz

Westfield, New Jersey

“I lost 35 lb even though I wasn’t really trying.”

I completed Lorraine’s Coaching Program and I am so pleased with my results. I accomplished everything I had hoped – and more. I’ve tried Weight Watchers for 30 years and I wanted a different approach. I must admit that I was skeptical at first because she didn’t put me on a diet! She didn’t ask me to weigh or measure my food; and she didn’t ask me to count calories. This was so different than anything I’ve ever done before that I had strong doubts but I was desperate and willing to try anything. I have health issues and wanted to learn how to eat properly to help myself.

Lorraine helped me change my language around food and my body, and stop using the word DIET. She encouraged me to stop judging my food choices as “good” and “bad” and instead we focused on mindful eating. She taught me how to eat properly. I learned how to tune in to my hunger and fullness cues and eat just the right amount for my body. She taught me to properly grocery shop and prepare simple healthy meals and snacks.

I’m wearing tights right now and I love the way I look! That’s something I never thought I would say again. Mentally I feel so much better about me. I did lose 35 lb even though I wasn’t really trying. I just stayed focused on eating well and taking really good care of myself. I still get fatigued from my RA, but it’s better and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that I never expected.

I feel so much better when I eat better; mentally I feel great; and I have Lorraine to thank for it. She always makes me feel comfortable, never judges me, and I can discuss anything with her. I’m so glad I found her!

Janice Young

Old Bridge, New Jersey

“Love working with someone who really cares about others health and their well-being!”

I have so much enjoyed and appreciated all that I have learned. I feel so much better! I don’t want to stop that good feeling by going back to my old habits. Feeding my family has been a joy and is helping us all to feel better and be more conscience about what we are taking into our bodies. With encouragement and guidance from Lorraine, I have the confidence and understanding that I’m on the right track. I can make positive changes and lose weight in the process. Love her program and working with someone who really cares about others health and their well-being! Thank you so much!!!!!

Katrina Stegall

Sherman, Texas

“I expected a little weight loss but not 26 pounds!”

Not only am I off my antidepressants and fibromyalgia medicine (with no more pain) but I’m down two pant sizes. I expected a little weight loss but not 26 pounds! My energy level is up and my brain fog has decreased.

My tastes have changed, too. I couldn’t even eat my whole piece of my daughter’s birthday cake; it was too sweet! Never thought I would see that day!

The healthy eating program has done more for me than you will ever know. The sense of accomplishment at this time in my life is invaluable. Thanks Lorraine!

Tracy Glafcke Risner

Durant, Oklahoma

“With a few tweaks, I look and feel so much better.”

Lorraine was instrumental in my journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I was skeptical at first, because I thought I was eating healthy and didn’t eat a lot of sweets. I thought I was sugar free! I learned how to read labels and eliminate processed foods from my diet. With a few tweaks, I look and feel so much better. It was easy!

Marie Schembri-Pavelchak

East Brunswick, NJ

“I have more energy and overall feel “lighter”, and my skin looks better!”

I am so happy and grateful to have completed Lorraine’s sugar-free challenge! I am more aware of reading labels and mindful of what I eat. I feel like I have more energy and overall feel “lighter”, and my skin looks better! My cravings for sweets have decreased. I will continue on this journey of living a mostly sugar-free life, and enjoy a piece of dark chocolate upon occasion.

Lisa Tamura Guerrero

Boise, Idaho

“I lost 24 pounds and my blood pressure is the best it’s been in years!”

Holy Moly! I HAVE TO share this! I am so excited. I started on my sugar free journey 4 month ago. Within 2 months I had lost 24 pounds and my blood pressure is the best it’s been in years – 110/70. Well, I just went for blood work last week and my cholesterol is now 186! Prior to this when I was eating added sugar (last year and many years prior), my cholesterol was 235 which we attributed partially to my thyroid issues. I think we can now see that it was the food I was eating. Look how changing my eating habits has changed my health! And I just generally feel so much better! No longer a slave to sugar! I have found that I like fruit much better than any added sugar! Thanks Lorraine!!!

Dawn Vulkovich

New Jersey

“I am joint pain free, have less brain fog, and I’m not sluggish at work.”

I am off sugar and I have not gone back to artificial sweeteners, and I feel great. I am joint pain free, have less brain fog, and I’m not sluggish at work. I turned away to Krispy Kreme donuts at work and I will not go back! Thank you for the encouragement.

Beckie Blanco Abiro

McAllen, Texas

“I’ve lost weight (without dieting)!”

I have been following Lorraine’s sugar free program and I love it!! I’m really happy with my new way of eating and the way I feel. I’ve lost weight (without dieting!) and this is something I haven’t been able to do before. But improving my blood work and health is the real success. Thanks Lorraine! If I hadn’t worked with you this would not have changed.

Diane Bobbins

Colonia, NJ

“Connected with each staff member personally and left us all with the information we need to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.”

After our employees completed a “Take It Off Weight Loss Challenge”, I invite Lorraine to come to our work site to help keep us on track. During a Lunch-n-Learn meeting, she educated us on strategies to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to poor food choices and weight re-gain; she provided helpful grocery shopping tips as well. Lorraine connected with each staff member personally and left us all with the information we need to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Andrew Wallace

Health and Wellness Coordinator, JBL Electric, Inc. , South Plainfield, NJ 07080

“I’m feeling so good in myself and a 2.8kg weight loss is an added bonus!!”

I’ve dieted for years and tried every conceivable diet going! None of them have been sustainable for me. I have PCOS and insulin resistance and I know sugar is an issue for me. I have always avoided adding sugar to my food where possible but it never ever occurred to me to avoid foods that have sugar ADDED to them!! Since I joined the Healthy Eating Challenge and stopped eating foods with added sugar, I feel so bloomin good!! I have more energy and I’m sleeping so much better. I’m less grumpy and snappy. I don’t feel the need to binge. My meal portions are smaller and I am fuller quicker. I’m feeling so good in myself and a 2.8kg weight loss is an added bonus!! Absolutely loving it!! No weighing, no measuring, no counting calories. It couldn’t be easier!!

Beckie Lewis

Horwich, England

“Finished the Healthy Eating Challenge and lost 3 lbs.”

I finished the Healthy Eating Challenge last week having lost 3 lbs. I feel great and at this point do not feel like I am missing anything! I plan to continue the challenge for 30 days! Thank you Lorraine and the group for your encouragement and great recipe suggestions.

Nancy Goldberg

“I highly recommend Lorraine for any nutritional counseling as she is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable, and kindest people in the health care profession.”

I was referred to Lorraine Antosiewicz by my primary care doctor after coming out of remission from chronic Crohn’s disease. I was trying not to rely on prescribed medicines, and found that to be a difficult task when you don’t know other options that work. That is where Lorraine stepped in.

She instructed me on the tests I needed in order to help me more efficiently. And in truth, those tests helped me out in understanding my own body, through them I learned what I can and cannot tolerate in certain foods. These are foods that I normally incorporate in my diet, not knowing how they truly effect my body. The steps that she suggests were not easy, as it takes a ton of self-motivation and dedication. But in short, everything really helped and I know when I’m feeling terrible that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – pardon the phrase. Ha!

I highly recommend Lorraine for any nutritional counseling as she is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable, and kindest people in the health care profession.

Thank you, Lorraine, for your all of your help. Your caring nature exceeds most.


“After only one month of following the plan you suggested, my sugar level dropped down to an average of 102 mg/dL fasting.”

First of all I just want to thank you for your efficient style of education and coaching. I followed your advice to eat less and exercise more. I started “fast-walking” after lunch and dinner with my wife and we both enjoy it. Also, I decided to fast for 12 hours every day so no eating after dinner (no evening snack) until breakfast the next morning. Before this, my blood sugar level was running very high – an average of about 160 – 190 mg/dL fasting every day for the last year. After only one month of following the plan you suggested, my sugar level dropped down to an average of 102 mg/dL fasting. This was awesome! My doctor actually reduced my diabetic medicine. Thank you very much.


Mehmet Yener

“I started sleeping through the night, waking up feeling fantastic, no aches and pains, I have a lot of energy during the day, my skin is less red and looks a lot better, and I lost 12 pounds. All this all happened in just 12 days.”

I wanted to write on how grateful I am for meeting Lorraine. I was referred to her by a family member and started seeing her in August 2014. When I first met Lorraine, I told her that I was actually planning to have lap band surgery but changed my mind after doing research on the procedure. I have been overweight for 14 years since my hysterectomy in 2000 and I also have had psoriasis for 31 years. After listening to my history, Lorraine suggested that I could be experience inflammation and food sensitivities and asked me if I would be interested in learning more the MRT food sensitivity blood test. I said absolutely and decided to have the test. I thank God that I did because it showed that I had quite a few food and chemical sensitivities.

I have been on the LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet plan for 2 weeks and I’m feeling so much better. It was hard to follow at first and I felt awful for the first week as my body was detoxing. I was severely fatigued, no energy and I had headaches. Truthfully I was ready to stop because I felt that bad, but all I thought about was losing weight and I wanted my skin to clear up. That’s what kept me motivated to continue. I’m so glad that I did because on day 11, I started to feel better: sleeping through the night, waking up feeling fantastic, no aches and pains, I have a lot of energy during the day, my skin is less red and looks a lot better, and I lost 12 pounds. All this all happened in just 12 days. I cannot wait to see how I feel and what I look like in 1 year from the day I started this food sensitivity diet.

I highly recommend speaking with Lorraine about the LEAP/MRT plan. You will not be disappointed. She is wonderful and will guide you through the process to becoming a healthy new you.

Karen Kuchefski, 46

Levittown , PA

“With you as my coach, I am very optimistic that I will reach my weight goal.”

I want to say thank you for just for being you. You are a very caring and compassionate person and when I talk with you, I always feel positive that things can change for me. With you as my coach, I am very optimistic that I will continue to lose weight and reach my goal. You go above and beyond for me and I believe you do this for all your clients. You are passionate about what you do and I can tell it’s not just a job for you. I have never been judged by you that means so much to me. So again, thank you for being you.

Bob King

“Just 11 weeks on the diet, I lost 28 pounds and my doctor took me off all my meds.”

When I first went to see Lorraine, I had Type 2 Diabetes and I suspected that I might also have food allergies or sensitivities. Up to this point, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. I was eating plenty of processed foods, lots of junk food and I would drink a gallon of sweetened iced tea a day. I had made an attempt to start eating healthier and cut back on my sugar intake, but it wasn’t helping. I was getting and feeling sicker. My tongue and lips were swollen and painful. My tongue was coated and had deep splits on it. I was “awake” but barely able to keep my eyes open or function. My stomach was bloated and upset. I was nauseous all the time – as well as constipated. After several trips to my gastro doctor, I was given a prescription for IBS, but the medicine made things worse; I found myself in the bathroom for about 5 hours a day. I was just not getting any better, so I went back to my primary care doctor and she recommended that I make an appointment with Lorraine. That was the turning point that led me to my current good health.

Lorraine suggested that I have the MRT Food Sensitivity Test and I was shocked to find out that many of the healthy foods I was eating were not actually healthy for me. With her guidance I started the LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet. At the time I started, I weighed 210 pounds and I was taking 28 prescription medications and supplements (all recommended for one ailment or another). Just 11 weeks on the diet, I lost 28 pounds and my doctor took me off all my meds for high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and reflux because I didn’t need them anymore. I feel so much better!

Today I count my blessings for the path that led me to Lorraine. I continue to lose weight; I feel healthy and enjoy the true taste and flavors of real foods. This healthy lifestyle I have now is not a diet but a way of life – my life. Thanks to Lorraine I have my health and my life back.

Judi G.

Middletown, NJ

“I was so pleased because the results of the diet were almost immediate.”

I’ve been to so many specialists who were not able to help me with my severe eczema that I was skeptical to go see another. But I’m so glad I went to see Lorraine. She helped me get tested for food sensitivities with the MRT test, and then helped me with the LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet. I was so pleased because the results of the diet were almost immediate. I tried so many different ways to ease the pain over the years, but nothing came close to working as well as this.

Before finding out that I had food sensitivities and getting on the right diet, I had a lot of problems because of my eczema. I couldn’t sleep through the night without scratching until I bled. It even hurt to take a shower! I had to quit the swim team and stopped playing ice hockey because the chlorinated pool water and my own sweat irritated my open wounds. I always felt very embarrassed because my eyes were red and swollen and I had sores on my face and arms. I used to wear long sleeve shirts all the time to try and cover it up. Now I’m really looking forward to wearing short sleeves again.

It’s a big relief that I don’t have to worry about eczema anymore. I feel a lot more comfortable and self-confident. And besides that, I’m now eating more intelligently. I value my health and I’m much more discriminating about my food choices. I read food labels all the time and I’m working on losing weight so I can start being more active.

I strongly recommend working with Lorraine. She is intelligent and a truly kind person who did her very best to help me.

Robert Switzer (17 years old)

St. Joe’s High School, Metuchen, NJ

“Invaluable resource, guiding me through my new and difficult diagnosis.”

I was originally diagnosed with celiac disease and gastric erosions and was very fatigued. I interviewed 20 dietitians and Lorraine was the most knowledgeable with respect to many topics.

She has been invaluable resource, guiding me through my new and difficult diagnosis. She was able to simplify the challenging diet and lifestyle and recommended additional lab tests to evaluate for vitamin deficiencies and bone density measurements . Lorraine also introduced me to the LEAP serology lab to evaluate for inflammatory reactions from foods and food related additives. She has since help me work through the initial stages of the LEAP elimination diet. My symptoms are improving daily. She also counseled me on managing my diet in different social situations and has recommended new and potentially convenient items and methods of cooking. We have discussed complex medical issues and as a physician, I am continually impressed by her knowledge base and ability to apply it. I give her my highest recommendation without any reservation.


Medical doctor

“Lorraine’s educational sessions with our group were very successful.”

It was a pleasure working with Lorraine during our eight week wellness program (Healthy Eating for the Weight Conscious Individual). She is reliable, approachable, and very knowledgeable. Her educational sessions with our group here at Direct Energy were very successful as individuals were equipped with new information, tools, and resources to make important eating changes in their lifestyles. She held the group accountable to their goals and many were successful in changing their behaviors.

Sasha Clynes

Wellness Program Administrator, Direct Energy, Woodbridge, NJ, 07095

“I am very excited about my future as I am healthier, happier and more energetic than ever.”

September 2012 was a time of harsh realization for me. As a 5’7”, 30 year old man tipping the scales at over 300 lbs., I was morbidly obese. I was diagnosed with GERD, IBS, Sleep Apnea, Fatty Liver, as well as pre-diabetes. My wife and I decided that changes needed to be made. I searched for a nutritionist and finally found Lorraine. She offered me support, guidance and tips for eating and exercise to help me lose weight. For the next few months, I put in a half-hearted effort and ended up losing around 18 lbs.

I had so much more weight to lose and the change seem slow; so my wife and I sat down again and decided I needed a more structured plan. Lorraine suggested the Take Shape For Life Program using Medifast meal replacements – my wife and I agreed it would be best for me. It was definitely a struggle at first, but I stuck with it with Lorraine’s help. She called me every day that first week to encourage me and answer all my questions. My wife helped to ensure I was eating the proper food. With all that support, I lost another 35 lbs. At that point, we decided it was time for me to slowly transition off the meal replacements and get back to eating regular food. Lorraine helped me to do this over the next 2 months. My weight loss up to that point was around 65 lbs. in total.

To date, I have been off the meal replacements for about a month, and I’m still losing. I am just under 230 lbs. and I think I weigh less than I did when I was in high school. I am confident that I will continue losing until I achieve my goal and then maintain my new healthy weight for good.

Lorraine has helped me to establish a new “diet” – more like a new lifestyle. My wife and I are cooking and eating healthier than ever before. Most of the symptoms from my health conditions have disappeared. I am very excited about my future as I am healthier, happier and more energetic than ever.

If you are trying to lose weight and struggling, let me encourage you to get started. When you start losing, you will notice everyone around you rejoice in your success. Feed off the encouragement of others and focus on your goal. But in the end, only you can make you lose the weight. It is achievable and it is worth it, believe me.

I have to thank Lorraine for sticking with me even when I wasn’t giving my all and my wife, Lydia, who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. With all that support and an honest commitment, I was able to achieve success.

Willie C.

“My symptoms have improved almost 100%.”

Lorraine is a top-notch nutritionist. I had stomach problems for several years and no doctors were able to provide a solution. Then I met with Lorraine and my life totally changed. She suspected that I had food sensitivities which turned out to be the case. Lorraine helped me figure out what foods I was sensitive too and counseled me on the appropriate diet. With her advice and guidance my symptoms have improved almost 100%.

Besides getting my stomach better, the eating plan Lorraine gave me helped me to lose about 20 pounds – which was an unexpected surprise. The whole process encouraged me to learn more about the foods I eat, and it opened up a whole new culinary world for me. I now know how to cook, and I eat foods I never knew I liked! I feel so much better. Thanks Lorraine!!

Bill Kolbenschlag

“I lost 88 lb and I stopped all my medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and reflux.”

In January 2011 my weight was spiraling out of control and my hip hurt all the time. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, my blood sugar was showing problems, and I was on several medications. My doctor gave me orders to lose weight and recommended that I see Lorraine. When we first met I weighted 275 lb and now, 10 months later, I weigh 187 lb. With Lorraine’s helped I lost 88 lb and I stopped all my medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and reflux. I reduced my waist size from a tight 44 inches to a comfortable 36 inches. My hip stopped hurting after losing 25 lb and hasn’t bothered me since.

Lorraine has been a constant support and is always available to answer my questions. She taught me about portions sizes and how to eat healthier foods. My family can’t believe the change in me and they are always giving me great compliments. I feel like I accomplished an amazing feat with my own determination and the help of a great nutritionist. And with Lorraine’s continued support, I am hoping to reach my ultimate goal of 175 lb.

John H.

“After 4 months my scale went below the 200 lb. mark. I was amazed!”

As I think about the weight loss process, it has been years of false starts, incorrect self-perceptions, and a general lack of commitment to accomplish the task. I reached a new point of frustration when I hit 262 lb. and I set off to reduce. I tried for 3 months but I could not get below 257 lb. A hernia surgery came up and I saw my weight decrease to 245 lb. during my short term recuperation period; then it started creeping back up again. With the seasons moving toward summer (my traditional weight gain period) and the coaxing of my surgeon, I decided to engage a nutritionist and called Lorraine. Together we devised a plan and I began following it with her guidance and support. After 4 months my scale went below the 200 lb. mark. I was amazed!

I continue to lose and look forward to reaching my goal weight of 172-178 lb. Every day I’m getting closer and closer. Not only am I losing weight but I’ve improve my health and I feel a lot better. My triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood pressure have all gone down to normal.

I have learned so much during this time working with Lorraine. Some of the biggest lessons learned are: it’s important to pre-measure meats before freezing; always have calorie-free snacks available such as ice pops and Jell-O; eat lots of salads and veggies; never waste an opportunity to eat a meal; special treats are okay periodically; alcohol has too many calories; it’s important to recognizing stress triggers; there are always many healthy options, even when eating out; healthy eating is my responsibility; cheating is not an option; constant commitment is key.

I’ve resolved that this new way of eating must be (will be) ongoing for the rest of my life. The biggest lesson learned: I can feel great!

Steve S.

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