5 Simple Steps To Healthier Eating

drinkMaking changes to eat a more healthful diet usually doesn’t happen overnight; rather, it’s an evolution. Becoming a healthy eater involves a gradual shift toward making better food choices over time. Here are five simple ways to help you evolve what you’re eating today for a healthier tomorrow! And if you’re looking to lose some weight, this is a great way to get started.

1. Go for better-for-you butter. Instead of traditional dairy butter, go for nut butters like natural peanut and almond butter. Not only will you cut the saturated fat from your diet, you’ll add the better-for-you fats that help keep your arteries clean and flexible. In addition, nut butters give you more bang for your caloric buck with vitamin E, high-quality protein, and fiber. And almond butter is an excellent source of calcium, too.

2. Veg out your snacks. Replace refined crackers, cookies, and chips with sliced, chopped, or diced veggies- raw or cooked. By making this switch, not only will you lower your overall fat and calorie intake, you will be supporting a healthy blood pressure. Vegetables are naturally low in sodium and high in potassium which is a great blood pressure-regulating combination!

3. Rethink red. Choose red beans over red meat. Use red beans (like kidney beans, pinto beans, or red lentils) instead of red meat in your chili, salad, or soup. Your meal will be low in fat and packed with fiber and protein to keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time. And it’s a sure-fire way to help you lose weight!

4. L.O.V.E your appetite. Give up the food fight and learn to appreciate what you put in your mouth. Build a better relationship with the food you eat by keeping an appetite log for a few weeks. This can be a great learning experience. It will allow you to: Label feelings about certain foods, Observe why and when you eat, Verify what hunger and fullness mean to you, and Escape habitual or mindless eating.

5. Swap out soda. Instead of drinking soda (regular or diet), hydrate your body with the nutrient it needs most – water. Every cell, organ, tissue, and metabolic process in your body relies on water to function properly. Water can help to control calories as well. Sipping it throughout the day is your best bet – get a water bottle and to bring it to the office, into the car, and to the gym.

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