Wonder why you haven’t been able to lose weight? Answers here…

If I could choose just one message I wanted you to hear from me – and really connect with – this is it.

Weight loss diets DO NOT work. Not for the long term, anyway.

It’s no secret that the diet industry is vying for your business. You can’t turn on the TV, log on to the internet, or flip through a magazine without seeing weight loss ads. Companies like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, and Lean Cuisine run huge ad campaigns to get in your attention and convince you that you won’t really be happy until you are thinner.

The diet industry message that you are not “good enough, thin enough, or beautiful enough” is working too. As a nation, we spend billions ($60 Billion to be exact!) on diet programs and products every year. Why so much? It’s because the extremely savvy diet industry has us convinced that it’s our fault we are overweight and that THEY are the solution.

Think about this though . . .
If diets really worked, wouldn’t you be thin by now? And wouldn’t the diet industry be out of business?

So why haven’t you been able to lose the weight? Watch this TEDx talk and get the answers.

It’s time to reject the myth that dieting is the solution to permanent weight loss and refocus your attention on embracing a healthy lifestyle and eating to feel well.


PS . . .
I help chronic dieters with busy schedules (just like you) find simple ways to eat better so they can get to their personal best weight and maintain it with ease, really enjoy the food they eat, and never [ever] diet again.

PSS . . .
I would love to help you get off the diet roller coaster and get back to feeling good about yourself. Get in touch today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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