The holiday season is almost over and 2017 is upon us. Can you believe it!?

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to regroup and think about what’s really important. For so many people it’s all about dieting and weight loss, but isn’t it your HEALTH that really matters?

To achieve optimal health you need to eat healthy; and then, a healthy weight will naturally follow.

Top 10 MUST-HAVE eating habits to achieve optimal health in the New Year –

Start now by recommitting to a healthy lifestyle

Drink water like it’s a priority

Pre-Plan your meals and snacks

Eat breakfast, and then lunch and dinner

Give yourself credit for all the positive changes you’ve already made

Get up and get moving frequently throughout the day

Shake it off and don’t let a bad day or week turn into a bad month or more

Include vegetables (at least 2 cups) in your daily eating plan

Prepare home cooked meals as often as possible

Repeat it all tomorrow!

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