Is corn okay to eat? The answer may surprise you.

Fresh sweet corn on the cob is one of my favorite seasonal vegetables.  It’s so delicious and yet corn has the reputation of being a food to avoid – especially by dieters.  Fortunately this bad reputation is unwarranted.  Corn (which is actually a vegetable, grain, and fruit) is relatively low in calories – a large ear of corn has only  about 125. It has more protein and fiber than white bread, breakfast cereals, baked goods and most other refined grain products – and no added sugar.

grilled corn on cob

Corn on the cob (and even plain popcorn) has plenty of nutrients. They include:

  • protein
  • fiber
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • B vitamins: thiamine, folate, B-6
  • magnesium
  • potassium

Some of the health benefits of whole corn:

  • supports the immune system and defends the eyes and skin against oxidative stress due to its carotenoid antioxidants especially lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • contains a good dose of fiber that feeds the “good” gut bacteria creating a healthy microbiome and digestive system.
  • complex carbohydrate content supports a steady energy level and longer feeling of fullness than refined carbohydrates.

Although whole corn is nutritious, many processed packaged foods contain unhealthy corn-derivative ingredients. Therefore, its best to eat mostly real whole foods and limit those that come in packages as much as possible to minimize consumption of GMO-corn, corn oil, and high fructose corn syrup.

Try this recipe:  Learn how to cook perfect corn on the grill with these tips and recipes.  Be sure to go easy on the butter and salt.  Enjoy!

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.



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