30+ Healthy Snacks Under 200-Calories (download your copy today!)

Are you a snacker? 

Snacking is definitely a good thing as long as you’re smart about it.

Eating a snack or two between meals can take the edge off your hunger so that you don’t overeat at meal time.  The best healthy snacks provide a boost of energy during the day and help to keep you mentally focused.  On the flipside, picking all day long —particularly on foods of little nutritional value—can result in eating too much and even contribute to unwanted weight gain. The key is taking a smart approach to snacking.


  1. Snack because you are genuinely hungry. Make sure you are not snacking because you are bored, anxious, lonely, frustrated, or tired. Pay attention to how you are feeling and if you are truly physically hungry (growling stomach, headache, lack of energy or focus), have a snack if it’s not mealtime.  Most people tend to feel hungry about every 3 – 5 hours throughout the day.
  2. Use snacks to fill the gaps in your diet. Snacking can help you get in all the nutrients you need for optimal health.  In order to thrive, our bodies need a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients throughout the day. Getting all we need in just three meals a day can be difficult.  Use snacking as a way to boost your intake of key nutrients like calcium, protein, and fiber. That means avoiding unhealthy snacks like chips and candy and opting for fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, and whole grains.
  3. To ensure the most nutritious snacks, plan ahead. This way you avoid deciding while standing in front of the vending machine at 3 p.m. while feeling hangry.  You will have already made a healthy mindful choice.  Be sure to add snack options to your grocery list so you have what you need on hand.  Take it one step further and pre-portion snacks in bags or containers so all you have to do is grab a couple on your way out of the door in the morning.

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If you need more than snack ideas, I’m here to help.  Please get in touch and let’s have a conversation about your health and fitness goals.  Start the New Year off right with healthy eating action plan.

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